Our Mission

The Logical Foundation’s mission is to ensure a prosperous future for humanity by unleashing the massive anti-poverty potential of basic income.

Our Story

Imagine a world where everyone has the freedom and dignity to pursue their dreams, free from the fear of poverty. That’s the world we want to create at The Logical Foundation.

We are a team of passionate and visionary individuals who believe in the power of basic income to transform lives. Basic income is a simple idea: give people cash, no strings attached, and let them decide how to use it. It’s a disruptive technology for helping people, as evidenced by over three hundred rigorous studies that show its positive impacts on nutrition, education, income, health, and many other outcomes.

We started The Logical Foundation in 2022 after our founder, Michael Simm, realized that the unparalleled power of basic income could change the world. He sought advice from nonprofit and business professionals such as Stuart Turgel, Rodney Houston, Carol Farabee, and Andrew Simm, and from passionate community members with lived experience like Gareth Gilsdorf. Together, they designed a system to unleash the disruptive potential of basic income across the nonprofit sector without relying on unpredictable government action.

Our goal is to launch the most cost-effective anti-poverty program ever run in Arizona in 2024, where we will provide basic income to Arizonans experiencing homelessness. We hope to inspire funders to recognize that people in need know what they need, and take on poverty with the only intervention that can forever end it.

Join us in our mission to ensure a prosperous future for humanity by supporting our work, following our updates, or signing up for our newsletter. Together, we can ensure a prosperous future for humanity.

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