Our Story

In college, Michael Simm was fascinated with two seemingly unrelated callings: helping people in need and disruptive technologies. He spent most of his time writing on the potential of batteries, AI, and other technologies to change the world. His thesis, however, focused on how guaranteed income policy could end poverty. He soon understood that his callings were more connected than he could’ve ever imagined.

Michael realized that guaranteed income is a disruptive technology for helping people.

With that big idea in tow, he sought advice from nonprofit and business professionals that included Stuart Turgel, Rodney Houston, Carol Farabee, and Andrew Simm, and from involved community members like Gareth Gilsdorf. He worked closely with this team of advisors over the next year.

Together, Michael and his team scrutinized piles of research and considered dozens of methods. The goal: design a system to unleash the disruptive potential of guaranteed income into the nonprofit sector without the need for government political action. Their efforts produced a practical and targeted system to greatly reduce poverty and end homelessness. As a result, The Logical Foundation was established and has been fundraising since November 2022 for its pilot program in Arizona, with an ultimate goal to begin expansion in 2024.

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