The Logical Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit assisting people in need with direct and dignified unconditional guaranteed income. We empower program participants and families to meet basic needs, improve their lives, and reduce stress imposed by poverty. We’re providing a Foundation of gauranteed income where people can build their own income security. We envision a world with economic security for all. 

Logical Core Principles

1. Empowerment

We serve to empower all people to lead successful, stable lives full of freedom and free from the fear of poverty and strife..

2. Efficiency

We exist to utilize a disruptive system to impact the greater social good in the most efficient and meaningful way.

3. Communication

Candid communication is extremely important to us. A culture that ensures issues are efficiently, clearly, and conclusively resolved is critical for us grow rapidly while ensuring that everyone involved feels valued.

We Send Cash Transfers Directly to People In Need.

After years of research, we have identified a growing data-backed consensus: guaranteed income is the most effective way to reduce poverty in almost every situation. We see it as an amazing opportunity to help some of the most vulnerable people in our society and demonstrate the power of guaranteed income as a system that could end homelessness and poverty on a massive scale.

Based on this fact, we are designing and implementing programs that educate more of the public about the power of cash transfers while building a system that can end poverty when combined with large-scale philanthropic action.

Before we can make a global change, we need to demonstrate our effectiveness on a smaller scale. Hence our Arizona Maximum Impact Pilot, which will combat the most deadly humanitarian crisis in America with the most effective proven anti-poverty program.

Carrying out this pilot will allow us to build Foundation’s Basic Income Network, our long-term project with the potential to revolutionize how people are helped in America..

We’ve also created RRFM Central, a movement-building platform for sharing within communities.

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