Our Core Principles

1. Empowerment

We serve to empower all people to lead successful, stable lives full of freedom and free from the fear of poverty and strife..

2. Efficiency

We exist to utilize a disruptive system to impact the greater social good in the most efficient and meaningful way.

3. Communication

Candid communication is extremely important to us. A culture that ensures issues are efficiently, clearly, and conclusively resolved is critical for us to expand rapidly while ensuring that everyone involved feels valued.

Our Strategy

The anti-poverty potential of basic income is enormous. Almost every dollar currently being spent to help people could make far more impact if it were given directly to people. The limiting factor for basic income is fundraising capacity, so the only way to unleash the potential of basic income is to build a positive feedback loop.

That’s why we are developing The Logical Foundation’s Basic Income Platform, which will enable us to achieve our mission by:

  • Enabling anyone to customize a basic income program for their community,
  • Efficiently distributing basic income, and
  • Affordably conducting gold-standard research.

If you think you can help us raise $90,000+ to launch basic income in your community, please reach out to us. We want to empower funders and fundraisers anywhere to maximize their impact against poverty.

While we build the platform, we are working to fund our Maximum Impact Program. The highest preventable mortality rate in the U.S. exists within Arizona’s homeless population. By focusing our internal efforts on this crisis, we seek to build the most cost-effective anti-poverty program in America.

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