Basic Income Network

Hundreds of pilot programs have demonstrated that providing impoverished people with funds is the best way to help them overcome the barriers to success.

Foundation’s Basic Income Network will enable any person or institution to maximally reduce poverty in any location and for any population in need. At scale, this system could end homelessness and poverty.

Why we should give everyone a basic income | Rutger Bregman (unaffiliated)

Aid Effectiveness = Value Transfer Efficiency

Aid programs should be designed to bring as much value as possible to people in need. Conventional aid programs help beneficiaries by providing them with goods and/or services.

Unfortunately, it’s expensive to provide goods and services. Paperwork is usually an undignified hassle, and beneficiaries rarely get exactly what they need most. Oh, and many interventions are ineffective or harmful.

Basic income is architecturally superior to other forms of aid.

People in need are great at knowing what they need, far better than any nonprofit “expert” or government bureaucrat. For example, if someone needs a car loan and the aid program provides food stamps, they have to launder their food stamps to get the cash for their car loan. Basic income empowers people with liquid aid.

We plan to build a platform that can take on the massive scale of poverty in America.

Many details are still in development, and we will publish “Foundation’s Basic Income Network Whitepaper” when it is ready. We have had this concept reviewed by over a dozen nonprofit and financial professionals, so we are confident that it is likely to work. If we can get it off the ground, it will unleash the massive anti-poverty potential of guaranteed income.

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