To unleash the massive anti-poverty potential of basic income, we need to build a world-class fundraising team. Among the many roles that will need to be filled, the following may be the most common:

  • Major Gift Officers
  • Grant Writers
  • Fundraising Event Organizers

However, we don’t yet have the funds to hire talent continuously. We also can’t pay people commissions as commissions are generally considered bad practice. Therefore, we’ve developed a pathway for passionate and talented people to fundraise as volunteers or (if a student) unpaid interns before we can hire them part-time or full-time.

TLDR: If you have fundraising experience or ambitions, you can join the team as a volunteer. If you can successfully help bring in enough funding, we will hire you.

If you’d like to contribute your time and talent to this impactful work, please reach out to or fill out the volunteer form under our get-involved page.

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