The Logical Foundation’s Maximum Impact Pilot

We are developing a highly cost-effective intervention that can end the homelessness crisis.

Program Results

We will demonstrate that the most dignified and direct solution is also the cheapest. Guaranteed income could end most homelessness with a fraction of our current spending.

The federal government alone spends around $51 Billion a year to fight homelessness and estimates that there are 552,830 homeless people in the U.S. That’s $92,253 per homeless person.

Our research strongly suggests that $6,000 of guaranteed income per person would enable most homeless people to regain stability within 6 months.

In addition, we will begin the most cost-effective life-saving program in America.

Homelessness in Arizona is not only expensive, it is extremely deadly. 1,286 people suffering from homelessness died in Maricopa County alone in 2022, and given 2022’s Point-in-Time Count of 9,026 homeless people, Maricopa County had an annual mortality rate well in excess of 10%. 

Deaths / Total Homeless Population: 1,286/9,026 = 14.2%

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency as of 2020, the statistical value of a life is $7.5 Million. And, that’s the lowest value of any government department. Factoring out the 1% normal mortality rate, we estimate that 13.2% – 1,191 people – died preventably in Maricopa County in 2022.

Preventable Deaths * FEMA Value of a Life: 1,191 * $7.5 Million = $8.93 Billion


Deaths / Population = Death rate
Arizona’s Homeless Death Rate
1,286/9,026 = 14.2%

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