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Foundationís Really Really Free Market Central

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  • Really Really Free Markets are community events where all members of local communities directly give goods and services to each other. Most importantly, they cost no money (only organizing effort) to organize and maintain. RRFM Central supports community organizers and educates the public about how to share excess resources and capabilities with their community.

Miracle Messages:

  • Miracle Messages is a nonprofit that works to rebuild social support systems for people experiencing homelessness through family reunification services and a phone-based buddy system. Reunification can fast-track housing for some homeless individuals, and the phone buddy system can help restore social connections.
  • Benefit Kitchen:

  • Benefit Kitchen is an extremely easy and quick way to learn about federal, state, and local benefits. They ask questions about your income, household, and other factors to determine your eligibility for programs that can help you with healthcare, money for food, and other forms of assistance.
  • Dollar For:

  • Dollar For helps eliminate medical debt from nonprofit hospitals. If your income is below 300% of the poverty line (~$40,000), you can likely get some or all of your medical bills forgiven.
  • Mutual Aid Hub by LA Ground Game:

  • Mutual aid groups can be extremely helpful for people that need help. They often offer a wide slate of resources, and as such we believe they may become valuable assets & friends. They almost always have free food, but can also include childcare, translation, emotional support, help filling out forms, and help with miscellanious needs.
  • FindHelp:

  • FindHelp is the biggest database of services that are available online. From nonprofit, to government, to religious, to everything else out there that is in the legacy support system, it should be available through FindHelp. Unfortunately, there are so many programs and services 'available' that it can be difficult to quickly find or get the services that can help you the most, and they are never freely available to the public like the other organizations listed. The legacy system is rife with bad help and clutter, so make sure you get help find good help that won't just waste your time on FindHelp.

  • Much like FindHelp, is exclusionary, annoying, often degrading in it's requirements, but ultimately it would be irresponsible of us to not help people learn about the benefits that the government has available. There are a ton of things available, and luckily this website has a good discovery quiz that can direct people to some of the best options for them.
  • 3RD Decade:

  • 3RD Decade is a nonprofit that provides free financial education and advice services. Their only requirement is that participants have some money in the first place to be financially responsable with, which makes sense and could work perfectly with the Basic Income Network.
  • Buy Nothing Project:

  • Buy Nothing Project groups post free items of all sorts online. You can also generally ask for random items, which someone might be able to provide.
  • FreeCycle:

  • The same as the Buy Nothing Project, discover available items and ask for free items in your local area.
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