STATEMENT on HB2375, The Ban Basic Income Bill

PHOENIX (March 13, 2024) — The Logical Foundation is deeply concerned about HB2375, which would prohibit any state, county, or local government from funding or implementing a guaranteed income program in Arizona. We believe that this bill is based on a lack of knowledge about the impacts of unconditional cash transfers, also known as basic income or guaranteed income. 

Promoting smaller and more efficient government and enabling the dignity and freedom of hard-working Arizonans, Unconditional Universal Basic Income is not a left-wing scheme. On the contrary, it is supported by many in the faith-based community because it embodies Christian values. It is a solution that both Conservatives and Liberals can embrace, supported by both Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and conservative economist Milton Friedman.

By enabling the elimination of many costly and bureaucratic welfare programs that create harmful incentives, Unconditional Universal Basic Income would save taxpayers money and lead to a smaller, more efficient government. By reducing poverty, crime, and homelessness while simultaneously improving work, education, and health outcomes, Unconditional Universal Basic Income would save taxpayers further money and restore dignity to all Arizonans.

Where it has been tried, Basic Income has empowered people to become more self-sufficient. Alaska has a Universal Basic Income, lower inflation rates than the continental US, and lower poverty rates than the continental US. Unconditional Universal Basic Income would turbocharge the burgeoning entrepreneurship powerhouse that Arizona can become.

Unconditional Universal Basic Income is not a utopian fantasy.

We urge the Arizona legislature to reconsider HB2375, and instead of banning basic income, explore its potential to benefit all Arizonans. 

We invite the proponents of this bill to learn more about the facts and evidence around basic income and to join us in a constructive dialogue on how to create a more prosperous future for our state and our country.

We at The Logical Foundation are ready and willing to share our knowledge on basic income, and to collaborate with anyone who desires a better future for Arizona. To that end, we are hosting The Logical Foundation’s Basic Income Launch and Learn on Friday, May 10th. Regardless of political affiliation or ideology, we invite you to come and learn about basic income while participating in the launch of the first basic income program in Arizona. 

Get your free ticket here: 

Thank you for your attention and your support. 


About The Logical Foundation
The Logical Foundation is an Arizona-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization on a mission to ensure a prosperous future for humanity by unleashing the massive anti-poverty potential of basic income. 

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