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Michael Simm

Executive Director

Michael Simm is a disruptive systems expert and nonprofit founder focused on fighting homelessness and poverty. He earned his Bachelors in Political Science and Minor in Innovation in Society from ASU’s honors college in under two years. During his time at ASU, he published a peer-reviewed paper about how a Universal Basic Income would brighten the future of our economy and society. Having come to the undeniable conclusion that direct cash transfers are the most effective way to fight poverty, he envisioned a nonprofit that could unleash the massive anti-poverty potential of guaranteed income.

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Carol Farabee


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Gareth Gilsdorf


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Andrew Simm

Technical Assistance

Andrew is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in Technology and Finance. Andrew has experience working in a variety of industries including aerospace, real estate and software.

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Vivi Esparza

RRFM Central Volunteer

My name is Vivi and Iím honored to be serving the RRFM Movement from the East Valley in Phoenix. I take care to distribute worldwide RRFM information through the RRFM Central page. My love for serving my community comes from being in LA and serving the middle schools there. Impactful change comes from the resources and knowledge the community can share with each other! Some of my hobbies include doing nails, gardening, reading, and baking. Hope to see you at an event or on our social media soon!


Thomas Hark

Thomas Hark is President and Chair of Civilian Conservation Corps, USA.

Stu Turgel

Stu Turgel has more than 50 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He is a certified mentor with SCORE providing pro bono counselling to nonprofit organizations and their leaders.


We are currently an all-volunteer team so we cannot offer pay. If you want to help us solve the most important problem in the world, please reach out to us. We will offer you incredibly fulfilling and impactful volunteer work.

When we have the capacity, we will prioritize hiring volunteers that do awesome work.

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