Our Team

Michael Simm, Executive Director

Michael Simm is a disruptive systems expert and nonprofit founder focused on fighting homelessness and poverty. He earned his Bachelors in Political Science and Minor in Innovation in Society from ASU’s honors college in under two years. During his time at ASU, he published a peer-reviewed paper about how a Universal Basic Income would brighten the future of our economy and society. Having come to the undeniable conclusion that direct cash transfers are the most effective way to fight poverty, he envisioned a nonprofit that could unleash the massive anti-poverty potential of basic income.
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Carol Farabee, Director

Carol Farabee is the owner of multiple businesses as well as founder and co-founder of several nonprofits. She currently works with authors through her publishing company as a writing coach and editor. Carol is the best-selling author of ‘Marketing through Authorship‘. She is the founder of Young Writers Foundation, mentoring 12 to 19-year old’s in Arizona to help them build their writing skills and career development. With over 30 years experience in Corporate America and 20 years as a University Professor, she has taught technology, management, leadership, entrepreneurship and, technical writing, thesis, research methods, and more recently, government theory. Carol’s many credentials include a BA in Sociology, MBA in Management, MS in Systems Engineering, and a PhD(abd) in Applied Management. She has an extensive history of community service, working with a wide range of nonprofits over the past 20 years. These include: The Cooperative Collaboration Coalition Arizona Business Incubator and The Stop The Hurt Club.
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Gareth Gilsdorf, Director

Gareth Gilsdorf is a passionate science enthusiast who enjoys finding new solutions for modern problems. Born in Flagstaff, he’s lived in Arizona most of his life and has personally been at the forefront of the natural and manmade dangers in Arizona, experiencing wildfires and fighting floods. Gareth has lived experience from living in his car in phoenix, so he knows how miserable it can be not knowing where to safely eat, sleep or even use the restroom, especially in the Arizona summer. Gareth co-founded The Logical Foundation to tackle homelessness directly.
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Andrew Simm, Technical Assistance

Andrew Simm is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in Technology and Finance. Andrew has experience working in a variety of industries including aerospace, real estate and software.

Advisory panel

Thomas Hark

Thomas Hark is President and Chair of Civilian Conservation Corps, USA.

Stu Turgel

Stu Turgel has more than 50 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He is a certified mentor with SCORE providing pro bono counselling to nonprofit organizations and their leaders.

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